The design and engineering allows for maximum flexibility and longevity. Ovei’s form derives from the hand sculptured original produced by the designer and founder Lee McCormack. Lee worked with McLaren years to develop and refine the production model.

by Lee McCormack

Ovei is a digital media tool that integrates existing and proprietary technologies to create a broad range of products for the market. The quality of design and engineering enables Ovei to accept as broad a range of technology as would a traditional architectural room environment, only on a more defined and precise scale. The unique quality of the Ovei is that the user’s position has been predetermined in relationship to the technology that envelopes them. This key feature means that marketeers, publishers, venue owners and technology companies can work to a known format. The benefit of the Ovei environment as an immersive space has been proven by Portsmouth University in a 2 year trial process. The trials showed that delivery of content in Ovei provided a deeper cognitive experience, affecting user memory and enjoyment. Simply put, the Ovei environment engages with the user better than any other known environment and therefore adds value for health practitioners, researchers, marketeers, gamers and executives alike.
Ovei multimedia platform.
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