Ovei, Model OV2 2010

McLaren engineered Ovei OV2 by Lee McCormack (2010)

Ovei, Model OV2 2010
Performance. Diagnostics. Therapies.
The Ovei is a fully immersive GRP product with an electro mechanical, software controlled rotating door. Inside the Ovei has 5.1 surround sound with a 12" sub base fitted to the seats lumbar region. It has an airflow system to keep the space cool and controllable LED lighting to set the mood. Different screens and technologies are used to deliver a range of experiences.

The interior is trimmed using hand stitched leather panels and upholstery set onto a reclined seating position that works for relaxation and focused activities enabled by the main viewing screen and touch screen positions.
Ron Dennis at the opening of the F1 Fast Forward Exhibition in the Science Museum, London.
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